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Drought, floods and adventures

It’s been a long time since I have had the time to sit down and write a blog.
Since my last blog I have managed to train 12 cows in the art of cell grazing, built a mobile chicken house, got solar power installed, built a big shed, constructed 2 new dams, just survived the driest year in a decade and got many vehicles bogged after recent heavy rains. What a year it’s been.

The mobile chicken house. I move the chickens to fresh pasture every few days to ensure happy chickens, fertilised pastures and the best eggs this side of the divide.

The best eggs ever!

My beautiful, happy and healthy herd.

The paddocks after the past couple of week’s heavy rains.

My first earth worm! As a result of cell grazing the cows. Finally on the way to improving the pastures. Bring on spring!

If you want to share in the goodness of Planet Claire Farm eggs, don’t be shy, get in contact today.

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