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Drought, floods and adventures

It’s been a long time since I have had the time to sit down and write a blog.
Since my last blog I have managed to train 12 cows in the art of cell grazing, built a mobile chicken house, got solar power installed, built a big shed, constructed 2 new dams, just survived the driest year in a decade and got many vehicles bogged after recent heavy rains. What a year it’s been.

The mobile chicken house. I move the chickens to fresh pasture every few days to ensure happy chickens, fertilised pastures and the best eggs this side of the divide.

The best eggs ever!

My beautiful, happy and healthy herd.

The paddocks after the past couple of week’s heavy rains.

My first earth worm! As a result of cell grazing the cows. Finally on the way to improving the pastures. Bring on spring!

If you want to share in the goodness of Planet Claire Farm eggs, don’t be shy, get in contact today.

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Reuniting with the land

After interning from July to December at Taranaki Farm and Milkwood Permaculture, it was time to get back to Planet Claire and reunite with her. My heart skipped a beat when one of the first things I saw were two baby emus, they were so so cute. It’s the second year the emus have chosen Planet Claire to rear their young. There was plenty of water around for them to cool their feet in after a 100ml in 2 hour rain event. The place looked even more beautiful, through fresh and educated eyes, than I remembered.

The first task to be completed was to build a shed for all of my tools. Ashley, one of my fellow Milkwood interns, came along to lend a hand and we managed to construct it in 2 half days. I was pretty excited with my new 3 x 3 metre tool shed. To save money we decided not to lay a concrete slab but to secure it down driving in some star pickets on each corner and screwing them into some recycled timber I had lying around the place.

Two weekends later, Suzie came along to help out with the beehive construction. We built ourselves a Warre hive that I picked up from Tim Malfroy, of Malfroy’s Gold. All the boxes are together, all that is left is to put a starter strip of wax on the top bars and find us a swarm to adopt!


It feels so good to be back on the land, the planning is almost complete, working bees are almost organised and I am almost ready to get farming!


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Designing the dream

The design of the dream has begun. The first draft is coming along nicely. Contour roads, wildlife and wetland zones, 60 acres of pasture, a few proposed dams, a market garden site, orchard, house site, with the timber plantation and food forest to come. It’s pretty cool! I can’t wait to get the proposal into the council, how could they say no to this?


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And so the dream begins

My name is Claire, I may be 890km from home but I have travelled less than that of my fellow interns, and boy is it worth the distance. I arrived at Milkwood just under 5 weeks ago and already I have learnt so much and am relishing in being part of such an amazing community of people. So why am I here?

I’m following my dream!

I have been nursing for the past 15 years and have seen no improvement in peoples health, we were always treating the symptoms, always in crisis management, always pushing pharmaceuticals as the way to better health. It didn’t sit right with me, I wanted a better solution, I wanted a healthier planet, healthier people, a healthier lifestyle for myself and to belong to a community. So my journey begins…

I completed my PDC in Walkamin, Far North Queensland in Sept 2010, after a chance meeting with the course convener and a chat about compost showers. After the course, I was hooked. I flew back to Melbourne, sold my house near the city, and headed off in search my my little piece of land to grow my dream. I found it in November, and at the end of January 2011 I was the proud owner of a 101 acres in Lake Fyans, at the foot of the Grampians National Park, Victoria, and declared, “I’m going to be a farmer!”

Which is why I’m here at Milkwood. To get hands on experiences, learn from the best in the business, improve my design skills, design my farm, add as many skills to my kit bag as I can and meet as many like minded people to share with as I can. I have also done an internship with Ben Falloon at Taranaki farm, in Woodend, learning all about cattle, chickens, earthworks and fencing before arriving here at Milkwood.

At the end of this internship in December, it’s off to my farm, Planet Claire, to implement my design and start living the dream. I want to become a leading example of regenerative, self-sustaining, chemical free, non-certified organic farming and share my knowledge with the wider community. Empowering and encouraging my community to be healthy, and ensuring myself, my family, and my friends (and our children’s, children’s, children’s children) have a paradise to enjoy that provides them with all there needs for a long, healthy, peaceful life.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me,


Making clay render for the tiny house, the locals pay us a visit, designing a water overflow management system then implementing that design, getting dirty cleaning and re-cobbing the rocket shower!


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